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Courier Tracking Service


Here are some tools to help you check on your courier services - Federel Express Courier, DHL Courier and UPS Courier. These tools track your package in realtime.

Link to Federal Express Tracking service    Federal Express Tracking Service

Link to DHL Tracking service    DHL Tracking Service

UPS Parcel Tracking Service    UPS Parcel Tracking Service.

There are 2 ways to find your shipment -- tracking number or reference number.

UPS customers have been limited to tracking packages using UPS assigned package tracking numbers. However, a package can also be tracked using a reference number, which is assigned when the package is shipped. For example, you can use an invoice number or the customer's name as the package reference number.

Tracking Number

Please enter up to 5 UPS Tracking Numbers you wish to track:

Reference Number

Please enter the tracking number of a UPS package to track:

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