Stanley Gomez Sdn. Bhd. --Company name and logo
condoms, latex examination gloves, dental dams, exercise bands, oral dams


When you do business with us, you have the SG Guarantee working for you.

The SG Guarantee means we stand by our products and services.

We have been in business since 1985. Starting with latex rubber gloves, we moved on to niche products like condoms and disposable medical products, and now we're an international commodity broker with our own suppliers in Asia and South America.

The SG Guarantee also means that we stand by the quality of goods that we deliver to you, monitor the shipment from our port to yours, and will honour all product defects, if any!

We believe in the fundamental rule of business - trust. Without trust, business as we know it, ceases to exist. Therefore, we pledge to :

  • produce and deliver high quality goods at competitive prices
  • monitor shipment from our ports to yours
  • ensure timely delivery
  • flexibility when making orders


This is the SG Guarantee!



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